About us

Details you may not know about our company

Florijan servis d. o. o.

company specialising in fire protection (firefighting technicians, outsourcing existing firefighting units).

In fire protection services, depending on the fire risk category of a protected site, Florijan Services d.o.o. can offer on-duty firefighting services through qualified firefighting technicians by supplementing the existing firefighting unit or firefighting service. With additional consent, we can establish a complete firefighting unit for a particular facility at high risk of fire.

In the technical part of the fire protection, we can offer the installation of analogue and digital fire alarm systems, and advanced fire extinguishers.

We always begin finding a Florijan Service d.o.o. fire protection solution by assessing the risk so that fire protection solutions are efficient and comply with the legal regulations. We then produce a detailed fire and evacuation plan.

Our fire protection solutions can also include a combination of fire alarm and firefighting systems that have the preventive role of detecting fire-causing activities and the role of professional firefighters.

Your safety is our business